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      Overview of the enterprise
      Harmony becomes the world - the character of Chinese culture, the style of life and career, and its fundamental essence.
      Tianxing Jian, Zhizhong, a gentleman of heaven and earth, can connect and harmonize.
      Quiet and distant, indifferent and clear minded, harmonious but different, with tolerance and grandeur, harmony becomes the world.
      The "Harmony Culture" reflects the 5000 year civilization history of the Chinese nation, is a living national spirit, a profound crystallization of wisdom, and an invaluable treasure of the Chinese nation.
      The well-known business name "Harmony" precisely reflects the entrepreneurs' deep understanding of the connotation of "Harmony Culture" at the beginning of their entrepreneurship, thus establishing the business philosophy and service philosophy of "Harmony with People", creating a corporate culture atmosphere of "Harmony is precious, treats people with harmony, and win-win", and highlighting the realm of "Harmony becomes the world".
      Harmony sign——

      Definition 1: The logo features an abstract rain shoe design that is sturdy, straight, and powerful, symbolizing that Zhejiang Hehe Plastic Co., Ltd. stands tall in the Chinese shoe industry.
      Definition 2: The entire logo is in the shape of "H", which is the first letter of the Chinese pinyin HeHe (Harmony). It reflects the modern corporate philosophy of Harmony Plastic, which values harmony and win-win results. It symbolizes that Harmony Plastic is down-to-earth and has repeatedly created a glorious history of shoe industry development.
      Definition 3: The standard color of the Hehe logo is composed of green and red, which symbolize the strong vitality of Hehe plastic and the persistent pursuit of environmentally friendly products. The red ball symbolizes the rising sun and a promising future of Hehe plastic industry.
      Company philosophy: Management and always putting people first, standardized management as the foundation, achieving the goals of placing and positioning items, assigning operators to designated positions, ensuring a clean and orderly production environment, and smooth logistics.
      Service and always take treating customers well and meeting their needs as our responsibility, take every inquiry call seriously, and sincerely answer and solve every problem.
      Quality and Harmony always pursue the pursuit of quality perfection as their vitality, and apply the quality concept of "grasping the source, controlling the process, and putting the terminal" to the entire production process.
      R&D and always take technological innovation and technological innovation as the guide, persistently based on the market to develop new products, constantly introducing new products, and striving to become a first-class enterprise in China.
      Technology and always supported by leading industry expertise, dedicated to exploration and innovation, winning trust and praise.
      The market has always positioned itself as high-end and mid-range products, expanding into both domestic and international markets.