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      A Solid Step Forward in &quot;Expanding Domestic Sales&quot; | Muyuan Group Visits and Negotiates Cooperation with Plastics

      * 來(lái)源: * 作者: hhsj * 發(fā)表時(shí)間: 2020/12/09 18:03:00 * 瀏覽: 62
      On the afternoon of December 8th, Mr. Dai, the procurement director of Muyuan Group, the largest intensive aquaculture listed enterprise in China, visited the company and discussed cooperation. The company's general manager, Wang Zhiping, and marketing director, Shen Qiongfang, accompanied the inspection.
      The inspection team visited production workshops, finished product warehouses, sample exhibition halls, and other units to gain a detailed understanding of the production process and other aspects of the company's products. The inspection team fully affirmed our company's production technology, quality control system, and product development capabilities.
      Subsequently, both parties held discussions on strategic cooperation in the company's conference room. At the meeting, Mr. Wang introduced the company's development history, current situation, and future development plans. He sincerely welcomed the arrival of Muyuan Group and his team, and expressed full confidence in the future cooperation between the two sides, especially in the field of biosafety anti-skid shoe new products. The inspection team believes that the quality control, price, delivery ability, and supply quality of our company's products are highly in line with the needs of Muyuan Group. The negotiations between the two parties were very pleasant, and they expressed their preference for Hehe Plastics as the main supplier of Muyuan Group in 2021, and further promoted new progress in their cooperation.
      It is reported that Muyuan Group was founded in 1992 and focuses on pig farming as its core business (with an annual demand of about 700 million pigs in the Chinese market and a pig farming market size exceeding one trillion yuan). It adheres to the "fully self raised, large-scale, and integrated" farming model. Currently, it has more than 150 subsidiaries in 18 provinces across the country, with more than 50000 employees. Its subsidiary Muyuan Group (stock code 002714) has the largest intensive farming scale in the country.
      The achievement of the cooperation intention with Muyuan Group marks an important step forward for Hehe Plastics in "expanding domestic sales", and is also a demonstration of Hehe Plastics' commitment to providing high-quality rain shoe products for the Chinese people.