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      Launch of Hehe Plastic Lean Management Project

      * 來(lái)源: * 作者: admin * 發(fā)表時(shí)間: 2022/06/15 11:33:00 * 瀏覽: 64

      Lean production is a management method highly praised by many excellent enterprises and a classic management philosophy derived from Toyota's management model. Lean production means timely manufacturing, eliminating faults, eliminating all waste, advancing towards zero defects and zero inventory, minimizing the resources occupied by enterprise production, reducing enterprise management and operating costs, and achieving the eternal goal of reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and improving quality.

      In May 2022, Zhejiang Hehe Plastic Co., Ltd. teamed up with Hangzhou Jingke Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. to launch a lean management consulting project, fully embarking on a new journey of lean management transformation.
      For a long time, as a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development and production of PVC and EVA rubber rain boots, Hehe Plastic has always deeply cultivated the international market with high-quality products and services, and its products are best-selling in Europe, America, Japan, and South Korea. In recent years, with the transformation of development strategy, the company has accelerated the promotion of technological innovation, promoted product iteration, occupied the domestic market, and created a new pattern of dual cycle development.
      At the same time, with the development of the industry, enterprises are also facing many internal and external challenges, and Hehe Plastics is constantly pursuing a transformation from extensive and rapid development in the past to high-quality development and value creation. However, the old management model of enterprises is difficult to support the needs of sustainable development. Therefore, the transformation and upgrading of enterprise management is imperative - lean transformation, cost reduction and efficiency increase have become the fundamental strategies for enterprises to win long-term development.
      Hehe Plastic Lean Management Project aims to enhance lean management in the enterprise. Through deep cooperation with Hangzhou Jingke Enterprise Management, we are committed to comprehensively building a lean organization, achieving lean transformation, and enhancing the ability of the enterprise to sustain development.
      With the comprehensive launch of the project, the company's path to lean development is fully underway. We will fully engage in change, embrace change, unleash potential, continuously improve, strive for excellence, and create new brilliance for enterprise development.
      Lean and harmonious, striving for excellence.