Lean Harmony | Lean Transformation on the Road

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In the era of transformation and upgrading in the manufacturing industry, facing new opportunities and challenges, this year Hehe Plastics has determined a transformation and development strategy with lean production as the main focus.
Since the official launch of the lean management project in May, the project team has focused on the goal of "improving efficiency, increasing production capacity, reducing costs, and delivering quickly". By scientifically applying lean production improvement methods and management tools, and combining their own actual situation, they have carried out a series of improvement and improvement work step by step from organizational design, process reengineering, equipment improvement, quality abnormality improvement, and process improvement, and achieved phased results.
Optimize organizational design and innovate institutional mechanisms. A well-designed organizational structure can help enterprises adapt to the changing environment, enhance their external competitiveness, improve their operational efficiency, and promote the achievement of their strategic goals. In order to create a more standardized and continuously improving enterprise operation system, the company has optimized and adjusted its current organizational structure. Establish a PMC department to further coordinate production planning and material management, streamline the comprehensive management mechanism of production planning and material control, and enable it to play a central role in enterprise production and operation. Establish a granulation factory, initiate an independent accounting mechanism for the granulation department, and promote the company's lean production and cost reduction and efficiency improvement goals from the source.
Process organization is the necessary path for process reengineering and enterprise transformation. By implementing process management, the division of responsibilities within the organization can be clearer, the connection between departments can be closer, operational efficiency can be improved, and the core competitiveness of the enterprise can be enhanced. The company organized a comprehensive and systematic discussion and organization of forty main business processes among various departments, making their division of labor clearer, responsibilities clearer, and enhancing organizational synergy and efficiency.
Quality improvement never stops, and there is no end to quality improvement. The company regards quality improvement as an important task in lean production. On the one hand, it consolidates the good quality foundation of Hehe as a "quality standard" unit and industry standard drafting unit, and on the other hand, it continues to work hard in standardization and on-site management. For example, in all production workshops and lines, "Inspection Standards", "Inspection Guidelines", and "Empirical Judgment Guidelines" have been added. Make the standards visible on site, and everyone can grasp them and make them effective. At the same time, transform the experiential judgment model into a data-driven judgment model, establish standards → visualize standards → inspect according to standards → maintain effectiveness, and truly achieve continuous improvement in "preventing outflow".
Sort out the process flow and optimize the operation standards. The company has systematically organized the production process of EVA products and established a scientific and comprehensive process control process, ensuring standardized production, controlled processes, detailed operations, and guaranteed delivery times. At the same time, establish and improve relevant SOPs to become effective tools for technical reserves, improving efficiency, preventing recurrence, and educating and training.
Improve equipment and enhance equipment performance. Improve the three-level equipment maintenance system, prepare various equipment maintenance instructions and acceptance standards, and do a good job in maintenance work. Add a configuration equipment management dashboard and visually inspect the equipment operation instructions on site. The special rectification of PVC equipment oil leakage has been officially launched, with the aim of achieving a magnificent transformation from the "difficult area" to the "model area" of equipment 5S.
Take the lead in initiating 5S improvement work in the office area and show a good appearance. The traditional concept holds that only the workshop needs 5S management, and the office does not. And the 5S management of the office is also an important tool for cultivating employee literacy and enhancing corporate image. In the process of promoting 5S improvement in office areas, we have deeply experienced the changes brought about by a good working environment and atmosphere, which has set a good start for us to continue to improve 5S. We will continue to work hard and continuously improve!
Amazing change!
Lean transformation, always on the way!