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      Establishment of the Chief Quality Officer Workstation in Jinhua Development Zone | Selection of &quot;Quality Mark&quot; Units and Plastics

      * 來(lái)源: * 作者: admin * 發(fā)表時(shí)間: 2022/09/17 7:14:00 * 瀏覽: 44
      In order to promote comprehensive quality management of enterprises, enhance their quality competitiveness, and cultivate high-level talents in quality management, on September 16th, the Chief Quality Officer Workstation of Jinhua Development Zone (the first in the province) was officially established at Jinhua Metrology and Quality Science Research Institute. As one of the forty high-quality enterprises in the development zone, the "Pinzibiao" unit and Hehe Plastic were selected as members of the workstation.
      Quality development is the foundation of a strong country, the foundation of business establishment, and the key to transformation. As the first physical Chief Quality Officer workstation established in the province based on a quality "one-stop" service platform and enterprise led model, the establishment of the Chief Quality Officer workstation in Jinhua Development Zone marks the institutionalization, systematization, and materialization of quality talent construction in Jinhua Development Zone.
      It is reported that the workstation follows the principles of "co consultation, co construction, co management, and sharing", and is a public welfare and open organization established under the leadership of enterprises. It is also a branch of the Jinhua Chief Quality Officer Alliance. Mainly responsible for promoting the comprehensive implementation of the Chief Quality Officer system by enterprises in the development zone, organizing quality activities such as quality improvement, quality education, resource sharing, industry seminars, forum salons, etc. It is a platform for leading high-quality development in the development zone, a platform for learning and exchange between enterprises, and a platform for service exchange between government and enterprises.
      In recent years, through platform services, Jinhua Development Zone has cultivated and incubated a group of leading enterprises with hard quality, high standards, and strong brands. As one of the early enterprises in Jinhua Development Zone to obtain the Zhejiang Manufacturing "Product Label" certification, Hehe Plastics has led the drafting of two Zhejiang manufacturing group standards in recent years: T/ZZB 044-2018 "PVC Special Safety Shoes" and T/ZZB 1036-2019 "PVC Courtyard Shoes with Lining". Deep cultivation and meticulous work, striving for excellence, strict internal management, and external branding have established a good reputation and influence in the industry.