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Zhejiang Hehe Plastic Co., Ltd. was established in September 2004 and is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and production of PVC and EVA rubber rain boots. The company is located in Jinhua Economic and Technological Development Zone, adjacent to the Wujiang River, with convenient transportation and beautiful environment. The factory covers an area of over 36000 square meters. As a leading enterprise in the domestic industry segmentation field, the annual production capacity of PVC rain shoe products and EVA rain shoe products has reached 3 million pairs and 2 million pairs, respectively. The products are exported to countries and regions such as Japan, South Korea, the United States, Europe, and Southeast Asia.
In 1970, the predecessor of Hehe Plastic, Jinhua County Plastic Factory, was established. From then on, we have formed an inseparable bond with the shoe industry.

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Product advantages

Abundant and Safe - Foot Safety Protection Expert
  • Industry wide coverage

    Industry wide coverage

    Animal husbandry - strong acidity and alkalinity, anti slip, easy to rinse
    Food processing industry - strong oil resistance, antibacterial and odor prevention
    Chemical Industry - Corrosion and Wear Resistance
    Oilfield - oil and corrosion resistant
    Mines - Oil resistant, acid and alkali resistant, insulated 6KV, 10KV, 20kV
    Railway, building - anti impact, anti puncture
  • International service standard: 24-hour quick response, professional one-on-one service

    International service standard: 24-hour quick response, professional one-on-one service

    The marketing network covers 30 provinces, cities, and autonomous regions nationwide, and the products are exported to countries and regions such as the United States, Europe, Japan, and South Korea.
  • Exclusive business manager one-on-one service

    Exclusive business manager one-on-one service

    We adhere to the principle of "customer first and service first", treat every order with a sustainable development attitude, and are committed to providing customers with the best cost-effective products and good pre-sales and after-sales service; Sufficient production capacity, fixed third-party cooperative logistics, fast and efficient shipment; Strive for excellence and continuously strive to provide a better customer experience.
  • QA+Laboratory


    The company's laboratory has a complete set of product testing equipment, which can meet the testing needs of a full range of testing projects.
    The Quality Control Department strictly conducts spot checks on each batch of incoming materials in accordance with material inspection standards and samples. Each batch of orders is strictly tested according to the first inspection standards, and operators strictly follow the SOP for production. At the same time, self inspection is strictly carried out in the six production processes to achieve quality control throughout the entire process.
  • Team research and development, independent raw material private formula

    Team research and development, independent raw material private formula

    According to customer needs, multifunctional formulas can be formulated, such as environmental protection, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance, anti-static, high-voltage shock resistance, bending resistance, insulation, and product performance meets international standards.
    The company has 143 patents, including four invention patents. It independently developed a one-time injection molding process for rubber soles and PVC, successfully overcoming the global problem of non adhesion between PVC and rubber materials under normal conditions. The company's R&D center is a provincial-level R&D center that can meet the development needs of customers for various functions and products.
    PVC raw materials are self processed, with 15 sets of equipment such as twin screw extrusion machines and high-speed kneading machines, ensuring the quality of PVC products from the source.

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